Here are some collected written works. Each is presented in an easy-to-download PDF. Many of these works also include secondary material, such as art, to follow up on the written portions.

More to come! I am constantly working on projects, and I will endeavor to post more about them here.

Homeworld. Fiction. PDF. The story describes the origin of the Kadesh encountered during the Homeworld game. This is a revised version of the second draft written back in 2007. It remains well-remembered by the Homeworld community, and it is now available again for reading!

Steve Jackson's Ogre. Fiction. PDF. This was written for the Ogrezine online publication but wasn't finished in time to submit it. A short story describing an assault by the eponymous Ogre supertank on a prepared base in the north of France during "The Last War."

Edge of the Empire. RPG Supplement. PDF. I created this tool in a campaign where players role-play spaceship hijackers. The tool is designed to create a quick snapshot of a starship's particular history, along with positive and negative gameplay quirks the GM could further elaborate upon. The system used the dice native to Fantasy Flight Game's Edge of the Empire RPG.

Hardware. Fiction. PDF. Before it became Deserts of Kharak, I was part of the beta testing session for Blackbird Interactive's Hardware: Shipbreakers. The title was intended to be a spirtual successor to Homeworld. During testing I wrote several short stories set in this new universe. This one, Baserunner, is a small scene set aboard the iconic craft of the game.