I am often thinking of new projects. Usually an idea will spur them into motion and for a time I'll be working nonstop on rendering that vision artistically. This is the first time many of these projects are collected in one place for viewing outside of the respective communities they were made for. Each page goes into detail about the particulars of the project, some will show progression while others will discuss detail. I hope you enjoy what you see, I'm proud of these efforts.

More to come! I am constantly working on projects, and I will endeavor to post more about them here.

Homeworld. Cartography project. Started in Janurary of 2007, the Map of the Homeworld Universe is perhaps my best known work. There are three versions attempting to chart the universe depicted in the "Homeworld" series of video games. The effort draws from in-game cutscenes, rendered geometry, and development artwork. Currently the map is on Version 3.

Gaming. This design project was born out of the want for a single-player adventure card game set to the theme of the Original Star Trek series. Elder Sign is a pretty good game for this, so I decided to create a redesign of the game with a few new mechanics. This called for entirely new card artwork to fit the Star Trek theme.

Original work. Multimedia project. Being a fan of giant robots I wanted to create a robot story series of my own. The result was this, the Axel series, depicting mechanized fighting robots on a scale somewhere between body armor and typical japanese animated "mechs". The series contains three installments, starting with post-apocalyptic warfare and spanning to the colonization of Jupiter.