The concept for the axel series was always out of wanting to design a robot series of my own. Initially "axels" were re-designed machines from the Virtual-On video game. Later, after copying the Type 9 AWGS from Gungriffon blaze to call an Axel, I began designing new machines with the same name and creating a story inspired by Steel Battalion.

Cupps Island Conflict

Following the third World War, the nations of Earth needed a way to increase the combat capacity of an individual soldier as a way to make warfare less expensive. Armored Powered Exoskelletons (APEs) existed, but it wasn't until the Germans, Americans, and Japanese came together to uneveil the first robot combat exoskelleton in 2318 that the first Axels were born.

Cupps island is the site of the first battle between realized combat Axels. The island formerly called Guam witnessed a revolution that overturned the government, and became Cupps island. They managed to acquire many combat units and war material with the intention of conquering neighboring islands, when the United Nations struck to disarm them.

Many units were created for this time period and not all of them were necessarily involved in the conflict. Nevertheless, their images are below:

Agitator Wars

The so-called agitator conflict happens approximately two hundred years after the battle of Cupps island. By now Axel technology has matured in interesting ways. This period roughly covers 2476 to 2513

The world has seen the rise of the Untied Earth Peace Corps, a peace-keeping organization working for the United Earth Unified Assembly. What started as a peacekeeping force becomes an iron rule as all nations on earth are effectively disbanded and ruled from the Europe. Only the moon colonies resist them, creating a cold war against the UEPC and LUNAR.

Amidst all this is the rise of mutant adolescent humans born from conception in microgravity. These Agitators become new pawns in a battefield spanning the entirtiy of Earth Orbit

Following the forth failed invasion of the Moon, Agitators seize the Sunflower orbiting colony and attempt their own takeover of the system. This war ends the "Agitator War" period.